Tree light small story in english

By | November 11, 2018

Tree light small story in english

Tree light small story in english, This story is of a tree, from which light comes out, so that all people are scared, they come to know that this is a simple tree,

Tree light small story in english

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Tree light small story in english

There was a small village, all the villagers were very good, because they lived together, one day it happened that there was trouble in front of them and everyone was scared, the villages were sitting, only then they had a tree But it was not an ordinary tree, it was a wonderful tree, as it was thought that the tree shines in the night, why did that tree do so, no one knew, everybody thought that The tree remains on the tree,

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Because this tree could have done such a thing, so some people used to call it a ghost tree, but it was not so, he did not know that a man was sitting on that tree at night, but who was he, anything He did not tell about himself, he probably kept quiet, but the villagers were afraid, they did not know about this, one day all the people were standing near that tree, all were thinking that by saying this light It comes, but they have not seen anything They had seen, but there was nothing, all this was happening, nobody was just a tree,


But the tree was suspicious, so people were afraid that ghosts were there, there was no doubt about it, but it was light, due to which such a thing was believed that every night they stayed away from the tree. No one went near that tree; there was a light on the tree at night, but after a while the rain had started, this rain brought happiness in his life, because the light was now closed , Everyone saw it and wondered what all this might be It is, now it is not visible light,

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Thinking that due to the rain that ghost has gone, all the people were very happy, the next morning when the villagers came, they started saying that there is no ghost on that tree, no light can be seen from the night. So, we feel that now this tree has become good, because we were thinking of cutting this tree, but now we have to do it, everything has been alright, all were happy, and at night everything He was going to his house, only one said that he would see the light again, Everyone saw and said that this light has returned,


We feel that this light will not stop chasing, we feel like it is a big trouble, which has gone behind us, should quickly get rid of it, only then the voice comes from the tree, whose voice is this All come to see, when all arrive, then a man falls in front of him in the tree, everyone asks, who are you, he says, that in the night, I live on the tree, suddenly down today had fallen,


Everyone says that because of you now all is upset, you go to the tree at night, you light it together, we used to think that no ghost is doing all this, now you have to go from here, if you If you look at the tree, it will not be good, we will beat you so much that you will know, after that the man runs away from him, in this way a man sees a big mistake, in this way, the tree is a ghost Understand that Even when it comes to know, everyone gets angry too, because all this happens because of a man,

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If we want to work in life all the time, then we should know all the bets very well and carefully, then we should go to any decision, if we do this, then there is no mistake at all, Tree light small story in english, if you liked this story, then share it further and comment, tell us also, if you want to ask something, you can comment us.


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