Top 9 Most haunted places in the world

By | August 27, 2018

Top 9 Most haunted places in the world

The haunted places (Top 9 Most haunted places in the world) in the world are very much, but we do not get the information about them, we know very little, so we are going to tell about some haunted places here, we hope you will like it,

Top 9 Most haunted places in the world

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Most haunted places

There are many places in this world which are thought to be as much as thought about, that many questions come to us, many things are heard that there are some places which are considered very horror, some of them About what we are going to tell here, we are very afraid of knowing about it, there are many such incidents that have an impact on our life,


There is a very old building in South Africa, many people say that they have seen someone walking on the wall of this building, seeing a lot of people are afraid of it, this place is also considered very scary; It is said that the voice of this ghost is also crying; It sounds too horrible to hear, it is believed that this ghost is of a lady, whose voice is heard and fear also seems very much, because it Even after the excavation, the lady’s body was found in it, after which no such incident had come to light, this was done in the past year,


Talk about the incident, it’s a hotel incident, this hotel is in Albert Canada, the incident is also very scary, when it was discovered, many people were scared, it was believed It is here that a lady was killed because of the fire, after which her soul has been found roaming in the hotel, it is believed that when the lady was afraid to fire, then she was stairs It was coming down, then it fell down Since then, he can be seen there,


This phenomenon is believed to be in the Dragsholm castle, but here it is said that ghosts are, but the important thing is that there are three ghosts here, the people believe that there are two ghosts here One of the ladies, one of which is gray and the other lady looks white, the other ghost can be seen as his prisoner, it is one of the scary places, here too many ghosts are seen. May be,


Venice and Lido are considered to be place in Italy, there is talk of being roasted here, there is a island  between Venice and Lido, used to get peace, here some people who are sick And mentally sick is also sent, but they are very scared here, here some years ago some people were sent, when they killed all people, they bother everyone here, too much People say this They all bother here in every way, they feel very scared here, they also scare too much,


The ghost of Dutch woman can be considered, it is believed that this ghost is very scary and looks more intimidated, if any person comes or falls on it, it can also be that the ghost is on it Attack, or it may happen that you can be saved, but this ghost can attack anyone, so here you came very carefully, this ghost of the Dutch woman can be very dangerous,


If you go to Banff Springs Hotel, then you should take great care, if you go to this hotel for the first time then you need to be careful, because the clothes that were worn in the 1960s, if anyone wearing them If you see the person, then you can understand that the person is not alive, is dead, there is no need to talk to him, because he is already dead he is not alive, but still he is that hotel Switch to revolve,


There is also a place in India where there is a possibility of being a ghost, this place is in Rajasthan, and it is known as the total saint, there is a story behind it, it was the first village, this village was a king One day, when the king saw that there is a lady here, whom he wants to marry, then the king said that I have to marry this woman, when the villagers came to know about this Refused Or was


The king said to the villagers that if all my people were not accepted, then all the people will have to leave this village. If it does not happen then the next day all the villages will be killed, it is said that the village was evacuated in the night. After that the villagers had said that no one will live in this village, since then the village is still empty, it is a matter of one day that a family came to live in that village, some time after that family Some address Such activity was found running, had suddenly disappeared


When the place was examined, it was discovered that there is something weird about here, which is not known, here too many houses are found, they also feel very cold inside, while the feeling of warmth when it comes out There is no one who has come to know that what is here, but this place is not less than any fear, no one here comes here,


There is also a place in Australia which is considered to be very scary, here is a house that has been closed, it has been closed for years, but before that it was felt that there is someone here who has their own It can be realized, a man has told that when he felt that man, since then it is considered one of the scary places, no one dares to go there,

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