The best mobile story in english

By | November 24, 2018

The best mobile story in english

The best mobile story in english, You will like this story of mobile, when he found his younger brother because of mobile, if he was not mobile, he probably could not see his brother. That’s why all this happened because of a mobile.

The best mobile story in english

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mobile story in english

When this mobile story starts, when a boy arrives by mobile, he says that a phone has come on it, I have brought the same phone, when the boy came, everyone had a phone call to say  it does not have much thought in it, but nobody was listening to his whole thing, when he said that this phone came from his house, you have called at home, should go quickly, he heard the mobile, and started saying I do not know anything, I know home Should she was driving home when he came home. So his younger brother was not that

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My little brother said, everyone said that he went out to play, has not come yet, we saw him in many places, but he is not able to see anything, you do that, find him, bring him He started saying, ‘Do not worry, I come here soon, you are not worried, but after some time, he went to see him, but he was not seen anywhere, I do not know, little brother has gone,

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There was a forest in front of him, in the same place, he has not been my brother, but he has just got an evening, why will he go there, but he will have to see, he went to see in the forest. It was not visible, he made a voice to his brother, then only a voice came, that voice could be of his brother, he was running on the same voice, but there was no visible sight, the voice was coming. , But why no eye was coming, he  came too close to mobile brother,

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She should call her, she got her brother’s mobile, she was going ring, her voice was ringing, she was going to the sound of the same ring, she had gone to her brother’s mobile, But there was only mobile, brother was not able to see, brother said, he had made a voice again, his brother said, I was here, he heard the voice of the younger brother ran away, because the voice He was coming, he reached his brother Micro her brother was very scared,

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He started saying that he came here in the morning, but the route was not found, so was lost in here, if I did not have the mobile, then I could not get out of here, when the darkness fell, the acne mobile also fell He was only looking at him, when the ring of the mobile rang, it was known that my mobile is here, the signal was not coming here before, so nobody had heard the phone, after that both the brothers When they were reached Issues were home, their problems had been overcome, was able to get his younger brother,

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After that, his father said that you should not go like this at all, because it can cause problems to everyone, today all of you have become disturbed, remember this thing today, that you do not have such a thing After that, the younger brother had understood,

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