Memories of the past moments, short stories

By | November 13, 2018

short stories

Memories of the past moments, short stories, This story is of a house, in which a boy comes back after a few days, this house has been lying vacant for a long time, now some people living in it come,

Memories of the past moments, short stories

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short stories

This story is very old, when some time ago we all came to live in that house, that house was very good, when it came to that house, saw that this house looks good from outside and also very good from inside , But why do not want to stay in it, it is not known who has sold this house to us, he started saying that a family lived here a few years ago, a few days later his little boy suddenly went away He had a lot Received but someone did not find any,


When both of them got disturbed, they had gone away, since this house is empty, there is no one here, after some days you came to see it, and bought it, now I know more than that No, you have got it very cheap, you know this thing, because no one wants to stay at this place, you liked this place. You have come here to stay here, now you enjoy this house. You can stay here, all the people here I have come to live on, but here peace does not make sense,

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When the night was over, all the people went to sleep, after some time a voice was heard, this voice was probably coming from outside, when I went in to watch out, the wind was blowing, but I ran away He had seen, who was it, it was not right to go behind him, but who is he, what he is doing here at night, was compelled to think about this, after that he had come back from there, now Nothing could be done, who was not aware of who was,

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When it happened in the morning, it was kept in front of everyone, a man had seen running away, but it was not known who he was, what he was doing at the time of the night, knows something, everyone knows when it was heard, it started thinking that there is no night here, we have to find out who he is, no one had slept next night, all were waiting for who he is, then only Some sound started coming out, all went out and there was no escape , This time he did not participate.

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He was caught, now he was brought in, but he was not a man, but a boy, whose age would probably be twenty, he was asked, who are you, what are you doing here? Who said who you are, when it first came on, there was no one, but what you are doing here, after that everyone said that we have bought this house, the boy said, This house is mine, you can not buy it, before we live here Area,

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Everyone asked that you are the same boy who had gone abruptly, the boy started saying that he was the boy who had gone suddenly, everyone asked, why did you do this, that boy started saying Did not want to do that, that day Dad had beaten me in some matter, went out in a while, then an animal came, ran away to escape, had gone far enough, his Later did not come back, when after a few days Came here no one was at,


Memories of the past moments, short stories, How do you like this story, we must tell, the next part of this story will come soon, we liked the story, then it must share it,

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