Information of haunted places in london

By | September 5, 2018

information of haunted places in London

There are many places in the world, where there is talk of being a ghost, there are some places which also bring about the feeling of being ghosts, we are going to tell about some such place here The place where ghosts are also there, and people go roaming over it, it is a beautiful place in both ways, one can roam here, the other thing is that the ghost has started seeing the sun over here. This place is scary too, it’s everywhere Not in here, we’re going to tell you about London attractions,

Information of haunted places in london

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haunted places in london

Today we are going to tell about some of the haunted places in London, London is said to be a place to roam, because there are very good places to watch here, and this place is very good to roam, but where But London is a good place to roam, but there are some places here that look very scary, the story behind them is that there are many hunted places here,


 There are some strange phenomena in all those hunted places, which show that it is a haunted place, due to strange events, people get nervous by going here, but if you want to go here, then you should make sure , That you can go there, if you do not panic at all, then you can go here,


If we talk about the river Thames, then here is a palace which is very scary, and this place is considered one of the most scary places in London, it is said here that Here a horror shadow keeps on, it appears in all parts of the castle, seeing it, it looks like it is a very scary place, does not stop there, when it looks scary, so also this place Very scary is one of the place.


One of the most scary places in London is Hyde Park. It is said about Hyde Park, that people come here to roam the holidays, but they have occasionally felt that there are ghosts here too, there is also a grave of many animals in this Hyde Park, all the people Here the ghost is seen roaming, he has said that here is a very scary place, and it always scares us,


There are a museum of surgical history in London; many people also say this museum, that there are ghosts here, and it is one of the scary places, many people would have felt this even when they came to this place. That is, he can see the ghost, so it is also a scary place


Westminster Abbey is located in London, it is a church, it is believed to be Westminster Abbey Church 1000 years old, it is said that when sunset occurs, ghosts appear here, many people have seen them roaming This place is considered to be very good for walking, many people come here to roam, but after the sunset, the ghosts appear here, which give the scary feeling, so also the place is very scary is felt, and this is also the most scary place where people say that there are ghosts here,


There is a famous Old Queen’s Head restaurant in London; many people believe that they have seen the ghost of a woman roaming here, here many people come to eat, but they have felt here that The shadow of a woman is always rotating here, which is very scary, people believe that there are ghosts here, so this is also one of the scary places.


This Greenwich Foot Tunnel is considered to be very scary, its name is Greenwich Foot Tunnel, the tunnel was inaugurated in 1902, and there was no charge when going through this tunnel, here are some incidents like this. , Which shows that it is also one of the ghosts, here many people have told some strange phenomena, whenever the sun sets, then there is a sound of water dripping from this tunnel, and Many people It is also said that light is seen even here, after which if a person goes there then he realizes the feeling of being a ghost, this is the most scary place in London, everybody here can feel it is, that he is watching the ghost, all the people are afraid of hearing about this scary place, this place is full of ghosts.


Bleeding is the heart yard and it is said that there has been talk of being a ghost, it is also one of the most scary places, one of the most scary places in London, too many people in this place Has spoken of being a ghost, and it is considered very scary, there was an incident here, which caused everyone to panic, the reason for their nervousness is the incident happening here, after that incident here But ghosts appear, h Due to all the people say, that it is haunting the place, this place is also known to be very scary.


This place is in India, within the wall of Jamali-Kamali, it is said that the ghosts live, many people have realized that the ghosts live here, they also realized that this pillar had a ghost It has been said, whenever a person is standing there, he realizes that someone is watching him, when he looks back, he does not see anything, so many people said That there is a ghost here And this place has also been told by the ghost, the point of this place is being said, because there are ghosts here.


Here we have told about some such places, which are told by ghosts, here we have told about a lot of things, as far as possible, we have given information here everywhere, here We have given information about the places connected with London, where there are ghosts,

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