how to start a blog with simple step

By | September 2, 2018

how to start a blog with simple step

Before you start your blog, (how to start a blog with simple step) all things have to be started in the blog itself, you have to get all the information already, after that you should start your blog, this information will be very good for you, After this information you can start your blog.

how to start a blog with simple step

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how to start a blog

If you want to start a blog, then you have to pay attention to some of the essential things, while always starting the blog, you should always take care of what you want to make about the blog, because if you have not yet thought of anything then you The blog should not start right now, if you have any idea then you can start blog, now the thing is that you have thought about the idea but how to start, you can Must Yan, your domain type,


You can take any domain, but if you want to get a good domain, you need to have the name of the domain of your ID, or the website you want to create, then it should be the name of the domain It’s great, many people take a few more domains, they have trouble, because if you get your domain with your idea, then the chances of success are high, this is very important for you. Always keep this in mind,


If you have thought about the domain, then you should think of a good hosting, you have to remember that you should take the hosting from the good company, so that the chances of your success continue to grow, when you also select it If you do, then you should start making blogs, if you are new to the blog, then you may come in to install a little trouble in WordPress, if you know all this, you can easily go ahead You can grow, when you do all this, then you need more information,


When you write the first post, you should pay attention to it, if you give any information, then you should give it first, then you should write about it, while writing the post you should write all the needs of your post, If you give good information, then it is very good for you, because this will make your post look great, now it is a matter of post, so you have to keep in mind that you will find that pot You should also need a picture about it, if you can, then you will not have to copy this picture from anything.


If you copy any picture, then its effect will always be inaccurate, you can not rank your post by doing this, you have to pay attention to this, you should always post the post, you can post the post. You should also not take anything from it, you can also say that you do not want to duplicate the post, you will always have to write a new post, if you do so, then your post will be ranked.


You have to write all the things in your post, then you will be able to do well, you post the post so good, so that everyone will be able to read your post, when everybody reads your post carefully, then your post’s rank is good It will be very good for your post, the post has happened here,


Now we have to think, when you write the post, it is very important to share it, if you do not share the post, then your post is not ranked, so whatever poison you write, share it Definitely do This thing is very important, you have shared the post, you have to pay attention to the comments on that post, if any comments come, you have to respond to that comment,


You have done all the work, now you have to pay attention to work things, all that matters is very important for you, you have written a post, now you have to rank that post in Google, for that you have to pay attention to the keyword That’s what your post is about, this is on the keyword, so you also have to pay attention to the keywords, the keywords we rank in Google, so you have to pay attention to keywords in your post too. Confirms,


Because the keywords rank our post, you have to take care of the keyword while writing a post, after that you have to write a post every day, you write a post every day, it is also good, the post is always good It is good to write, because if it is not good, then no one will read it, so it is important to take care of this, if you write posts everyday, then your website will soon be ranked Egi,


You have made your website, your post has also been published, all you need to do is install the plugin in your website, this plugin is important for your website, after that you have to add your website to the Google webmaster too. By which you can rank your website, when you add it to the webmaster, you can also show the page of your website, it can also rank your pages, this will also be your web site. Good for the site,


If you build your website for free, it is also good for you, because if you do not want to pay for your website, you can make your website free, if you want your website to be timely You can make your website free, it is good for you, because it does not have to pay you, when you think that your website performs well So you can change it,


So far, you have read about your website, you can easily create your own website, so far you have received all kinds of information, you have to work carefully only after having complete information on your blog, (how to start a blog with simple step) if you If the information is good, you must share it and comment.

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