The house is scary, horror place in america

By | November 7, 2018

horror place in america

The house is very scary, horror place in america, This story is of a house, in which everybody thinks that there can be a ghost, you will like this story,

The house is very scary : horror place in america

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horror place in america

We are going to tell about the place where the point is to be a ghost, this place is in the US, this house in America was closed for a very long time, because no one would go to that place, but all the fears It seems to me that there was one thing in that house that no one would stop at that place at night, no matter who was the reason for this, some people came to that place, they were very scared That is because there was the same house in that forest, lots of forest night horror was,


That’s why all the people started thinking that when the house was in front, we did not have to worry, so all the people went to that house, everyone went to that house, and seeing that this house looks very old It did not come here even a few years ago, it means that everything here seems old, what we have to do, we have to stay here tonight, and we will go tomorrow morning, so much more worry It is useless, all sit inside, And they start talking, everyone talks, tell a few stories,


One of them says, that we should also look up, what is here, when we have come here, we should see about this place, this place is very good to see, but also scary It seems, but there is something here which is not visible to us, it seems that there is nobody else here, who gives us a sense of fear, but we should not be scared, only then a man is above and Looks like she looks up, who can she be Confirms,


All of us are sitting here, but who are moving up, all go up and down, but no one is seen, they have seen in many places, but no one was there It is happening, no one is visible after going up to us, all the people now feel that there is nobody else here, which has become very necessary, but after some time all sit down, from them Someone else goes up and down, she says That is, there is someone there,


Everyone goes up and down, because this time he did not want to leave, he ran up and running, and see, who he is, then only one of them goes into the room, that room closes, all Very afraid, because the room was locked from inside, everyone saw in that room, who is there, but no one opens the door, the voice comes from inside, everyone gets scared, the doors Open, the door opens, but those The friend of said was gone,


He sees in that room, there is no one in the room, then there comes a voice from the bottom, he gets standing down, everyone gets scared, all of them come to him, and ask, how are you here? He came, saying that when the door was closed, suddenly it came down, it was so, that there was no understanding in that, there is someone in that room, we should walk from here, so that no one can trouble Come on, so come here, if we want to be right Should walk away.

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Then the power of that house suddenly disappears, now all the people were scared, they come out of the house when they come out of the house, then they were feeling very scared to see that house from outside, This house was not good, everyone had run away from there, but the house is still waiting.

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