short story about family, family story

By | November 16, 2018

family story

short story about family, family story, This story belongs to a family, which is very poor, there is a lot of trouble in their life, they remove all problems, you will like this story,

short story about family, family story

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short story about family

A small family lived, he was in a lot of trouble, there was no one to help him, but he had hoped that we would get out of this trouble soon, he thought it would be, but when this problem will be overcome They did not know about the matter, they all lived in a small house, they had only one boy, they were not teaching him well, because he could not read it, Dad used to do his wages, eat them with him Get It was, but the boy also wanted that he should work with his father,

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Because he thought that, doing so might ease our problems, but father used to say that you should not work now, but you have to become something, you do very well, you can do a lot of things, He used to sell some pictures in the market, but he did not get good value, so he was also worried, he started to say to father, you told me what to do, good chit in But I do not give any good price, how long will it run,

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The boy said that I do this, that I go out for a few days, if I sell my picture in the other city, then maybe I can get the best price, father said that if you It seems, you can go, the next morning the boy goes to the city with his picture, when he goes to the city, he feels like a big city, because he had not come to the city for a long time, when he came to the city He sees, then he is good too So, he ached from all the photo,

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Many people come to see his picture, but no one buys it, the boy is very sad, but he knows that if tomorrow or tomorrow, tomorrow maybe he can sell my picture, next day he would sit down with all the pictures. It is from morning to evening, but there is plenty to see but nobody buys, a car stops in front of the boy; a man comes out of it, he sees that someone is holding a picture, That photo He looks at the price of some picture, the boy tells him the price of the picture,

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When a man hears the price, he feels awkward, he asks, who has created this picture, when that boy says that all this is made, then that man says, you have given very little price, Because if you have created it, then hard work will also be engaged in it, the price you have told is very low, the price of your picture should be very high, the man started saying that with all the pictures come with me,

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The boy had gone with that man, the man had put all the pictures in a shop, and had asked the boy to stay here, only a few days later all the pictures were sold in a lot of money, that man Said that you stay here and make a picture, and sell them on this, your earnings will be very big, the boy had understood this thing, now his earnings started getting very good, he went to his house and told everyone this thing. Given, all people are very Were happy, that boy had become a rich man.

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short story about family, family story, If you work hard, life can also be successful, if you liked this story, then you can share it,

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