Story of love of both, english love story

By | November 14, 2018

english love story

Story of love of both, english love story, This story is about two loving people, whose love falls in difficulties, all we read in this story,

Story of love of both, english love story

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english love story

They both wanted to stay together, but this was not easy, they had the rate too that no one would see them, if someone saw them, they could face trouble, they would get rid of all the people. They also knew that it is not good to do this, that boy would wait for the girl every day, because she had to meet in one place, that place was very good, both used to come to meet in the evening, she accompanied Did not fall into , When they were friends, when the girl came to live in their neighborhood,


At the same time both of them had fallen in love; both of them used to meet together since then, they liked talking together, but they also knew that if anyone saw together, it would not be good, they would This rate was always felt, one year had passed by doing so, it was difficult to stay together, because the girl’s brother was married, everyone was engaged in preparations, it was very difficult to meet at that time. , Because all People came on the same,

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The girl knew all this, that if she went to meet the boy, then no one could see, because of this she could not find for a few days, when both of them met together, the boy said that my marriage was fixed If we did not do anything early, then it would not be good, the same thing was said to the girl also that her marriage is due next month, the family had also seen the boy, now she will also get married, now we will What to do, because both of us Mr. wedding has been fixed, the guy said if we talk at home, no one will believe,

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We have to do something that will make our family realize this, but the boy said that it will not be easy because when they come to know. Then he will be very angry, now we can not do anything, the girl said that if nothing happens, then both of us will not be married, we should stop this marriage, the boy said that he talked in his house Yes, if everyone believes, then he can talk at your house, the boy had told this thing at his house,


But no one was considering the boy, everyone said that it should not be done, no one knows who he is, he is definitely in front of us, but we do not know anything about him, we Do not have a relationship with them, so this thing should be forgotten, if you do such a thing, then it will not be good, no one was believing the boy’s talk,

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When the girl said that you talked, the boy said that now nothing will happen, the family is refusing, after some time both of them had got married, that boy had not forgotten anything, but nothing happened It was a lot of years passed, but whenever the girl comes in, both of them keep quiet, because they did not have anything that they both could talk about, because they did not try much Had he tried There could have been a lot,

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Therefore, it is necessary to love only after thinking in life, if you do not reach your destination, then it is not necessary to do love too, because sometimes such a time comes, that there is no way before us, so the first thought Increase,

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