Best amazing facts about america

By | September 3, 2018

Best amazing facts about america

Best amazing facts about america, We have given all the good information of America here, if any information is missed, then we will keep that information in the next article, you have given important information related to the US here, you can find out , Is very different in the US, which is very important for us, although in some countries all things are different, on the basis of which it looks different, even with this information. different will appear,

Best amazing facts about america

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Best amazing facts about america

Today we are going to tell you about the information related to America,all of this information will be very much appreciated, for those who want to know about America, this information will prove to be very good for them, all these interesting information Knowing you will start thinking about America, America’s information will attract you very much,


 First of all, we are going to talk about the United States, most of the pizza and burgers are preferred in America; this choice has become very big, according to a survey, 100 acres of pizza in the United States 1 year This is done so that all the people of the United States can be satisfied, we can also say that Americans are more likely to pizza.


The flag of America was designed by a high school student, this flag has 50 stars, this flag was made in 1958, by Robert G. Heft, if we talked about America’s language, then English language in America It is spoken, but there is no official language, but it is a matter of note that English is spoken throughout the United States, yet it is not that the English language is made for main works, whereas It is also worth mentioning that the language spoken after English is Spanish, if we talk about the country, then Spanish is the second language, which is used in the country, it is used for writing and speaking This fact is also very important, this interesting information is about America,


If we talked about the Internet, then the development of the Internet was done by the United States, its history is aroused since the 1950s, when an electronic computer was being developed, its development is also considered, we can also say that America had developed the Internet, you might have liked this interesting information too,


If we talk about America’s economy, then this economy is the world’s largest economy, we all get to see it in the US, the economy comes from the country’s population, income, and unemployment etc.


Once the survey was done in the United States, fifty old man was taken in this survey, and information about them was obtained, when this survey was completed, then 12 percent had said that the life was very much Happy.


There is a lot of good information about Alaska, the longest coast line in Alaska, if we compare it to someone else, then this is the longest coastline, since the long coast line is not of another state, it spans 6,640 miles happened,


The United States consumes about 18 percent of the country’s energy, this is considered to be very unusual, because the total consumption of the country is 539, the United States consumes it very carefully, this is very unusual,


Best amazing facts about america, If you have any information about America, how do you know, if you want information about a country, you can comment, we will bring that information to you, if you have any questions, you You can ask, your question will be answered very soon, if you like this information, you can share it, you can share it on Facebook, so that everyone can get information about America, 

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