American horror story and real horror stories

By | December 11, 2018

American horror story and real horror stories

american horror story and real horror stories, In this story a man can hear the voice, he wants to say something, after which the man goes to that place, after that everything is known,

american horror story

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american horror story

This story is of an American, when he said that I am very scared, no one was believing his words at first, because no one believed in all these things, that man started thinking that he did not know No one admits, while I have told everyone what happened with me, all said that nothing has happened to you, maybe you might have been caught, because today it does not happen, that person gets disturbed , And one I go to the place and sit down, thinks that no one is convinced of my point of view,


Only then does the voice come, that whatever you have told, no one is believing in your word, because no one will accept this thing, no matter how much you try, nothing will happen, that man stands up listening to the voice He sees that he does not see anyone, but the voice was coming from this, why no eye is coming, he asks, who is it, whoever is there, he comes out, but No voice comes, the man thinks that my What’s going on with,


We walk in the beginning of the story, when the man wanted to tell everyone, that man was going home with his car, he did not know what could happen to him, that guy’s car stopped suddenly When he began to see his car descended, only a voice was heard, he heard the voice and looked at it, but the voice was coming, no one was able to see it, he heard that voice and started moving towards him When he went to the place, he asked Who are you saying,


After that the voice came, that you can hear me, that means you are listening to my voice, the man started saying that I am having a voice, but you are not showing me, who are you, come to me, he The voice comes, that you do not see me, because you can not see me, you can hear my voice, I live with you in today, after that the man came with him only when he came home He came, he told everyone that Ray is someone who does not look at me, but hear his voice,


Everyone says that when you hear this, you should tell him, let us also say something by saying, when the person said that something is still in him, he said that whatever he is with me, he will also tell me something, he will say You did not understand this thing, that you hear my voice only, when the person told everyone that only in the person can listen to the person, then no one was believing this, Because it does not happen, so his things But no one was paying attention, he was worried about this, he could not do anything,


So he was upset, he wanted to leave that voice behind, but the voice was following him, he was very upset, because he used to hear that voice repeatedly, how could he escape from that voice She did not understand anything, whenever she slept, she would hear that voice, she was very upset with that voice, she did not want to hear that voice, whose voice was it He wanted to know, even know about it That was why this was happening to him.

He was sitting, thinking about something, he had heard it, he said that you would have felt, that you are troubling me, but it is not so, your birth is second, you were born in the first birth. That which you are in today’s second birth, it is my birth, so I am with you, I know that you have become disturbed by me, but I can not do anything in the first place, you will have to go to my village first, That’s all right, or not, They must know everything, when you will know that everything will be fine,

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After that the man had gone to that village, the place where he had said, when he went to that village, all the people were looking at him, because he was recognizing the kind of person in which he had a son, Everyone said that you have come, many years have passed, you have never come, today you have come back home, we are feeling very good, that man had come to know everything, this is his second Was born, that voice wanted to take it on, now even feel it Was, should help us all,

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After that the man had never heard that voice, the man started thinking that he wanted to bring me here, he did not do anything wrong, he wanted to join me with my family, after that The man lived on the same, because he was his family, who had already left it,

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